The Journal is dedicated to publishing the most promising pieces of undergraduate work related to the discipline of anthropology. The University of Michigan Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology is composed of motivated undergraduate editors at the University of Michigan from all subfields of the discipline.

Anthropology is an inherently broad and expansive discipline, its dominant subfields being: biological, archaeology, socio-cultural and linguistic anthropology. As such, the Journal encourages submissions not only from courses in anthropology, but also from related disciplines, such as classics, sociology, history, area studies, gender and sexuality studies and linguistics. The only criterion is that submissions possess a cultural and/or evolutionary theme.

2016 was the Journal’s inaugural year! We plan on publishing two volumes bi-annually, one in the Spring and one in the Winter.

We accept submissions from current undergraduates and those who have graduated within the past year.

Our most recent issue for Winter 2016 is now available under “Past Volumes.”

Call for Papers: The deadline for the Fall 2017 volume was October 6th. However, we are accepting submissions for our Winter 2017 volume.  Please email all papers, questions, or comments to our editors at umichanthrojournal@gmail.com.